Brazilian and Bikini waxing is a big trend in Utah County! It is especially popular all over Utah. If you are from Orem, Provo, Draper, or Lehi Utah you know body hair is very OUT! Nowadays people everywhere love the freedom of no hair and smooth silky skin with body waxing. If you have never had a Brazilian wax or a bikini wax and are thinking about getting one read and do the following and you are sure to love it !!

The following are FAQ and answers about body waxing, bikini and brazilian waxing:

1. How long should the hair be? The hair needs to be about 1/4 of an inch long for a wax. A common rule of thumb is if you can pinch the hair, its ready to be waxed! If it's too long no problem, the aesthetician can trim at your appointment.

2. How long should I wait between treatments? Usually 3-4 weeks.

3. I get razor burn is waxing good for me? Waxing is great way to free yourself from razor burn pain. It is a good idea to gently exfoliate the skin prior to your wax, this allows the hair to come out with ease. After your wax, use an exfoliant to prevent ingrown hairs. One of the best post brazilian or bikini waxing exfoliants is the PFB Vanish roll on.

4. Does waxing hurt? It's not as bad as you think, if you're getting a wax by a trained Master Aesthetician. A professional does know the tricks of the trade to make it as painless as possible. Also taking an Ibuprofen or Aspirin 30-60 before your treatment can really help.

5. Why get waxed by a Master Aesthetician? A Master Aesthetician is required to take 1200 hours of schooling and pass state tests. The training is double and more intensive than a basic Aesthetician. Master Aestheticians are more qualified to do waxing especially in areas such as bikini or Brazilian.

6. What is the difference between a Brazilian wax and a bikini wax? A Brazilian is the full area from front to back. The bikini is pretty much all of what shows if you wore a bikini.

When going to a salon or spa for waxing make sure you ask …

1. Is a Master Aesthetician doing your waxing services? How long have they been doing Brazilian waxing?
2. Do you ever double dip the stick into the wax pot? Make sure they never double dip into the wax pot.
3. Do you give after care instructions?

Waxing is loved by many in Utah from Provo, Orem, Lehi and Draper! If you get waxed by a professional you will love it too!