Waxing is a good option for the facial use. Women often use waxing for different body areas. Waxing hair removal method gives long results of up to six weeks. Wax should be titled according to the instructions given on the label. The wax should be just warmed and not hot as it may burn the skin. So it is advisable to test on a small area like back of the hand, before applying on the desired area.

The best thing about the waxing apart from the long result is that it removes hair in large amount at one time. Also hairs re-grow softer. Waxing also has some drawbacks. Waxing causes red bumps and minor bleeding. It also causes pain and irritation.

A thin layer of the wax is applied with a waxing strip. Then the wax is spread with the waxing strip. The wax should be applied in the direction of the hair growth. If it is applied against the hair growth direction, it may lead to ingrown hair. Then the wax is removed in opposite the hair growth direction.

For sensitive areas like lips, a cotton ball should be used with waxing strip. After removing the wax, tea tree lotion or a cooling gel can be applied to the upper lip. This will soothe the skin. Makeup should be avoided for at least 24 hours to minimize the chance of infection and irritation. The face should not be touched for 2-3 days. Touching the face increases the chance of infection caused by the germs in the sensitive area.

After the waxing, the upper lip turns pink for a few hours but it is normal. The skin is irritated more after the first time waxing is used but after that the irritation is comparatively less. A hair inhibitor can be used after the waxing. It makes the hair grow back slower and thinner.

Waxing has certain limitations. It is not suitable for the pregnant women or women who take birth control pills. Also it is not suitable for the people who take medications like Re tin-A and who are diabetics.