So what are these saunas and how do they differ from a conventional sauna. The key benefit of each sauna is that they heat your body making you sweat. This is the case for both saunas. The way they do this is different.

The key focus of an infrared sauna is to heat the body or object over that of heating the air. It uses infrared red technology in order for this to take place. The infrared sauna was developed back in the 80's but is relatively new to the American market.

One of the main reasons I prefer an infrared sauna over a traditional sauna is because it is easier to handle. I still get the same benefits of sweating but without the air in the enclosure getting super hot. Therefore it is easier for me to breathe in this type of sauna.

Because of this I can stay in the sauna longer and due to this I feel I get more from my sauna session. Infrared technology also has added health benefits because the heat penetrates deeper into the body helping to expel more toxins.

There is said to be additional benefits but some of these have not been medically proven.

Last but not least an infrared sauna is far easier to install and run which can cost you a lot less over time. It also requires less maintenance and uses much less energy. These saunas are effective for weight loss and detox and they also help improve blood circulation.