Saunas are a great addition to anyone's home. The health benefits of sauna use have been well documented. It is a tradition that is deeply ingrained in some parts of the world. Its use in North America continues to grow. If you are ready to add one to your home, you need to use your head and find the right one. To compare saunas, you need to have some common things you look at each sauna you examine.

What criteria should you use to compare saunas?

Wood – When looking at the wood in saunas, you are looking for wood that can handle high humidity conditions over the long term. Woods like basswood and cedar are good options. Furniture woods like oak, maple, and beech are not so good. Without the right wood, the wooden exterior will start deteriorating quickly.

Construction – If you are spending money on adding a sauna to your home, you want one that will withstand the use over many years. Look for saunas that have the best construction possible. It should include good insulation and good fasteners to keep the assembly together.

Infrared heater – Be sure the heater used in your sauna is state of the art. You do not want to deal with an off brand when it comes to the heater you use every day. The heater is literally the heart of the sauna. It is what gives you internal heat that makes the sauna experience so special.

Ease of assembly – If you have to put the sauna together, you want to be sure it goes together easily. You may need a partner and a few tools, but any more than that should require professional assembly. Look for a sauna kit that is easy to put together and easy to take apart. When you compare saunas, make sure this is a factor.

Environmental factors – When you compare saunas, consider how much energy each sauna uses. The heater is going to be the big consumer of power. You want an energy efficient unit that can do the job without drawing huge amounts of power. Also, you want the sauna unit to be tight so that heat is not escaping. Good insulation is another factor. Make sure the wood used is easy to replenish.

Safety – Be sure when you compare saunas that you look over documentation on the safety of the heater and the sauna. You will want to find one with a proven track record so you and your home will be safe.