Technology and science are always gaining an edge in the world of wellness. New techniques and devices are becoming more popular as their benefits become known. The VibraCussor is a great development in the department of self-healing therapy. Not to be confused with a common massage device, the VibraCussor penetrates deep within the body tissues, stimulating your body's own healing properties.


The uses of the VibraCussor are quite varied. The device is used along with technique to loose tissues in the body. Muscles are not the only tissue in your body that becomes tense. Joints, fascia (the lining around your muscles), lymph pressures (infections and allergy), and even scar tissue can be treated with the VibraCussor.

The device itself uses a very different approach to “massage” techniques. Rather than side-to-side motions that relieve surface tension, the VibraCussor uses an up-and-down movement that penetrates deep into the tissues, affecting joints, muscles, and fascia which all can affect movement. Along with technique, the device loosens these tissues, allowing your body to take over and work productively (heal itself).


The benefits of using VibroCussor therapy are numerous. Perhaps you have joint problems, and have had trouble working them loose. The device penetrates deep into the joint tissue and surrounding areas, stimulating them. Fluids that lubricate the joints can enter the area and help regain motion.

The fascia tissue is something commonly overlooked by most people. Fascia is a coating that surrounds the muscle and various parts through your body, keeping your structure strong. This tissue can become tense as well. Injuries, deep wounds, and stress can tighten this tissue, restraining movement, nerves, and blood flow. When applied, the device loosens the tissue, helping to restore your body's range of motion.

The device can even benefit the overall nervous system. Muscles and connective tissue can tighten within the spinal and neck area, disabling the nervous system communication. With proper technique, the VibraCussor loosens these restrictions, allowing your body to resume proper function- heart, breathing, and other reflexes.

Some areas such as the lymph system control your immune system and can become swollen or irritated, especially against allergies. Targeting these areas with the VibraCussor can alleviate the pressure, and help your body's immune system function properly.

The VibraCussor has also been used for hand and foot remedies, loosing the joints and tissues to allow proper use of the appendages. Your feet hold you up, so how they feel affects how you walk, which affects your back, legs, and muscles through your body. These areas are constantly used, so keeping them in good condition affects your everyday life.

Long term usage

VibraCussor therapy is great for the long run. Using it to keep your body's functions working efficiently keeps you active longer and feeling good. Patients that have undergone VibraCussor therapy report having positive emotional changes, which in return, prevents stress from overtaking the body and tightening it back up. Heart rhythms, breathing, and your nervous system all work more effectively, allowing your body to heal itself quicker, and more proactively. You'll find that you get sick less often as your immune system will function better and allow you to fight off diseases before they take you down.

This device is becoming a great addition to healthy living. When used with technique, it works deep within your body's tissues, working them loose to allow for healthy circulation of blood, nervous, and lymph systems.