Women regard their nails as the weapon. You may ask why these women take the trouble of keeping beautiful digits. A manicure is great when one is disconcerted. Today there are pictures of nicely manicured fingers in advertisements. All of them have their own reasons for going for a manicure. Many women think neatly manicured nails will improve their look and others opt for it simply because it is cheaper than therapy. All women, whether they be a model, a working woman or homemaker want to look smart and presentable.

Print Media and Ad media are dominated by nicely manicured nails nowdays. This glamorous show of manicured nails has given rise to nail salons. Today it is easy to get manicures as each manicurist today desires to start a nail salon of their own. These salons are highly competitive to entice regular customers so some can offer first time free manicure offer or half price days or some festival offers such as 20% discount on services etc.

Age is immediately reflected on hands. Unlike other parts of the body such as face hands grow old very quickly. But frequent manicure will keep nails neat and hands clean. Each part of hand is deal with separately like particular nail type. Cuticles are treated with creams and oils. The importance of manicures is not just the glam factor linked with it but also with the goal linked with it. Nails are manicured to protect them from chipping and cracking. Women have to do the household work in which ongoing contact with water tend to chip off or break their nails. So opting for initial manicure will prevent their nails from chipping and cracking. Also the nails may break due to lack of calcium in body.